Hybrid Cigs

Filled with 100% whole flower milled,ground and packed perfectly for a smooth, even burn.


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Remember smoking? This is that but better. Pure Beauty Cigs contain only Pure Beauty flower and no tobacco at all. We pack them full of juicy, terpy solid buds, minus any trim or shake, and wrap it all nicely in some pretty special paper that’s weaved for a smooth and slow burn. Even more chances to get a quick rush from the experience of opening a flip top. Each cig contains .7 grams (an eighth per pack) of our curated blend of hybrid strains. Our hybrid flower is grown meticulously without cutting corners, which makes for truly balanced effects. Notes of spice and gas. 

  • 5 cannabis cigarettes/.7 grams each/eighth of flower
  • Hollow wood fiber crutch
  • Packed in a cornstarch PLA bag for freshness
  • Over 20 million smoked in California, #1 in its category
  • Third Party tested for pesticides, mold, heavy metals, and more

*100% federally legal THCa flower


      Drawing from a harvest of terpene-rich flower grown with passion and precision in a high-biology environment, we are very selective about what goes into our Cigs. We think about things like dominant terpene profiles and how they will contribute to the effect, which flavor notes will complement each other, and various other factors. All so that you can enjoy a smooth, clean inhale and a flavorful exhale.


      Fun fact: Our Cigs come rolled in paper weaved for a smooth and slow-burn, sourced from Wattens Austria, which has been producing fine paper since the 15th century and is one of the oldest paper mills in the world. 

      As for the outer packaging, the box is made from paper and we use a corn-starch PLA bag for freshness. This is plastic made from corn, not petroleum, so it's better on the earth and does biodegrade.