Rose and Pure Beauty Pack

5MG 1:1 THC:CBD Rose Delights and 100% THCA Pure Beauty Babies


A decade-long relationship comes full circle with the Rose + Pure Beauty pack. What started as a conversation over a joint, has blossomed into two brands that push the limits of what cannabis can be, while remaining real and true to the plant. Why choose between flower and edibles when you can have the best of both worlds at your fingertips?

The Rose + Pure Beauty pack features Autumn Flame peach and Twisted Leaf oolong Delights and cult favorite Babies pre-roll joints. The flower in the Babies and Delights was selected to echo the sun-drenched sweetness of peaches and the delicate, grassy freshness of Twisted Leaf oolong. These Delights are a throwback to the first seasonal Delights we made as a collab with Rose, this time opting for a strain of flower that we felt would pair well with this flavor and the current seasonal sentiment. You can enjoy the pre-rolls and the Delights on their own or together, experiencing the benefits of a dual high–flower expressed and hitting your body in two different forms.

Pop a delight, smoke a joint, and savor the thoughtfully curated flavors that bring the taste of sunshine to your senses.

Rose Delights

  • 20 Rose Delights, 5MG THC / 5MG CBD each, 100MG THC / 100MG CBD total
  • Handmade in the Rose kitchen with all natural ingredients
  • Infused with single-strain whole flower rosin to preserve the beneficial properties of the plant
  • 100% organic, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan

Pure Beauty Babies

  • Ten mini pre-rolls, 0.35 grams each, 3.5 grams total
  • Flower is grown in nutrient rich moss and soil, with beneficial insects and positive energy
  • Third party tested for pesticides, mold, heavy metals, and more




Rose + Pure Beauty Babies

  • 100% whole THCA flower blend: milled, ground and packed perfectly for a smooth, even burn.

Rose + Pure Beauty Delights

  • Autumn Flame peaches*
  • Oolong tea*
  • Hemp flower extract
  • Cane sugar*
  • MCT coconut oil*
  • Tapioca syrup*
  • Non-gmo potato starch*
  • Non-gmo citric acid
  • Kosher salt* 
  • Pectin

*100% certified organic


Rose + Pure Beauty Babies

  • Babies are the perfect size and experience for individual use and are very shareable. Don’t be fooled by their size, they are strong. 

Rose + Pure Beauty Delights

  • Start slow, eat one and wait up to two hours to take effect. 

Rose + Pure Beauty Babies

  • Start small with a puff or two and work your way up. 

Rose + Pure Beauty Delights

  • Balanced 5 MG THC and 5 MG CBD, expect full-body relaxation with heady euphoria, a summertime combo we love for the beach, gentle movement, or a lazy afternoon in the sun.

Rose + Pure Beauty Babies

  • Babies come packed in a recyclable paper box and a mylar bag made from plant starch, for freshness. If you have access to an industrial compost, drop it in.

Rose + Pure Beauty Delights

  • Delights are packaged in a compostable box made from paper