Indica Babies

Curated blend of ready-to-smoke indica mini pre-rolls. Potent, smooth, grown with organic inputs.


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Do you like to relax? We do. So we made a really mellow pre-roll packed with an eighth of indica dominant flower. To build our indica blend, we select complementary strains from our crop and tabulate which are going to enhance one another the best. It’s all very scientific. Indica Babies provide a deeply relaxing, smiley high with notes of syrupy ripe fruit. Smoke Pure Beauty for the smoothest, cleanest pre-roll in the West (we’re #1 in California). 

  • Smooth and clean
  • Flower is grown in nutrient rich moss and soil, with beneficial insects and positive energy
  • Third party tested for pesticides, mold, heavy metals, and more
  • Over 20 million smoked in California, #1 in its category
  • Each pre-roll contains 0.35 grams of flower
    • 10-Pack: 3.5 grams total
    • 5-Pack: 1.75 grams total

*100% federally legal THCa flower

      HOW TO USE

      Babies are the perfect size and experience for individual use and are very shareable. Don’t be fooled by their size, they are strong. 

      Start small with a puff or two and work your way up.


      Drawing from a harvest of terpene-rich flower grown with passion and precision in a high-biology environment, we are very selective about what goes into our Babies. We think about things like dominant terpene profiles and how they will contribute to the effect, which flavor notes will complement each other, and various other factors. All so that you can enjoy a smooth, clean inhale and a flavorful exhale.


      Babies come packed in a recyclable paper box and a mylar bag made from plant starch, for freshness. If you have access to an industrial compost, drop it in.