We rarely think of existence. Where do we come from and why? More importantly, where does our weed come from? Do you care? You should care. Even if you care a tiny bit you will develop a deep love for our flower. Most of the water used in our cultivation is collected from the air, we pull minimal water from the California tap. Why? Because a single cannabis plant needs approximately 150-250 gallons of water to reach a flowering state. We are striving to be completely closed loop. Because of this our cultivation has very little runoff; even “safe” fertilizers and nutrients will contaminate surrounding water supplies, making life uninhabitable for indigenous species. And we love animals. We also love bugs and use them, like roly-polys, earthworms and nematodes along with friendly bacteria, fungi and protozoa to create a “food web” that is more organic and teeming with life—-helping to naturally prevent disease and plant-eating predators by providing nutrients the plant can use for protection. And when we are done we donate used materials to renewable programs such as public parks. Because why not? Parks are great and we should all support them. And yes, we talk to our flower. These thoughtful cultivation practices and the good energy we surround our flower with for the duration of its lifecycle creates robust terpene profiles, with a strong nose that,when you smoke it, will guide you to understand the world in a different way.


While we have to package our products in something, we try not to use too much stuff, especially plastic. Most of our packing is paper and we keep that to a minimum too. We spent a year and a half perfecting a child resistant mylar bag that is made from plant starch and are pretty proud of this. We are not perfect but we are trying. We will never put profits over a clean and beautiful earth.


We are very aware of the historical injustices that surround the growth and sale of this plant and understand the responsibility we have. We use our voice and our community and our weed to try and keep this industry real. And diverse. And fair. We have and will donate and speak where we can, when we can.


Hopefully you can tell by now that we really do love the plant. You know the one. Because of the love we have really high standards, and because we have really high standards we’ve won some awards. Our CBD flower is an Emerald Cup winner two years in a row. Our Grape Hibiscus Little Strong Drink also won an Emerald Cup.

As for trustworthiness and credibility, we grow our flower using all organic inputs and every batch is tested extensively for unwanted pesticides, molds, heavy metals, etc. So you can take comfort in knowing that all of our products are clean and unadulterated with anything weird or toxic. We cultivate flower with your enjoyment in mind by finding ways to dial up minor cannabinoids to enhance effects or by fine tuning terpene-profiles for ultimate taste and feel. Ideally both.