It was 2017 when we first met with Rose, in a bar in Downtown Los Angeles. We shared stories about our respective work in cannabis, and talked about what a future for us in cannabis could look like. At this time Rose products didn’t exist and Pure Beauty packaged flower was just beginning to take shape.

This was the beginning of a friendship that would support us through seven years in an industry that we never would have believed could be so challenging. We’ve worked and laughed and cried side-by-side designing products for both brands, and felt grateful to have each-other to share  insights and encouragement along the way.

It reminds us of Anais Nin, “Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.”

you don't have to choose between flower and edibles. A very limited number of Pure Beauty bundles are available with both 1:1 Delights and special edition babies.

We have always looked for occasions to collaborate simply because we enjoy it. We have a shared vision and a belief that together we can make interesting and fun products that will bring added value and joy to people’s lives. 

The Autumn Flame Peach and Twisted Leaf Oolong Delights are a throwback to the first seasonal Delights we made as a collab with Rose. This time opting for a strain of flower that we felt would pair well with this flavor and the current seasonal sentiment. This same strain that was pressed into rosin for the delight and rolled into our Pure Beauty babies 10-pack–is a 1:1 THC:CBD formulation. It chills you out but keeps you sharp.

You can enjoy the pre-rolls and the Delights on their own or together, experiencing the benefits of a dual high–flower expressed and hitting your body in two different forms. An edible high is distinct from a smoking high, and together it is something else entirely. Personally our team has been enjoying popping a Delight and then smoking a joint and then letting the soft, joyous, multifaceted waves hit.  
With the release of Autumn Flame Peach and Twisted Leaf Oolong, we’re grateful for the opportunity to reflect back on this friendship and our journey through recreational cannabis. We also offer our sincere thanks to our community, i.e. you, the reader, for your support along the way.

We Hope these offerings chill you out and wrap you up in love, in the way only true friendship can.