With their second release, P&F Recordings launches us into the cosmos and invites us to a candlelit space opera by the duo Ghost Vision. This record (the group’s third) is a multi-part suite spread across two tracks that blend the old and the new into a retrofuturist goop of tender sunset disco and chillingly cerebral kosmiche. The journey begins with “Mirador,” a song which itself has been on a long journey; for some time now, it’s been mysteriously floating around from one mix to another, acting as a sonic salve, providing aural nourishment to those who listen. A sensuous, snaking piano groove sparkles atop a velvety bed of electronic mysticism that slowly swells and stretches over its seven-minute runtime. From there, we tumble into a more nebulous headspace with “Ozen,” a gravity-defying composition that pensively glides across new age and ambient tropes while being beholden to neither. A deeply felt musical expression that balances the chakras as it stirs the spirit and awes the intellect.

A Side: Mirador

B Side: Ozen

Label: Pinchy & Friends